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The CCASA Center for Culture in Agroecology and Food Security located in the Sítio Comover spaces, located  in the city of Tapiraí, state of São Paulo, was designed to be a place of conservation and environmental preservation, learning, dissemination of traditional experiences and knowledge.

The city of Tapiraí was chosen to host the CCASA for having 80% of its Atlantic Forest territory preserved.

The space offers the possibility of strategic activities for the knowledge and learning of agroecoforestry techniques, aiming at the recovery of degraded soils, agroecological transitions, insect control, reproduction of seedlings and trees native to the Atlantic Forest.

The Center also appears as a place for reflection and actions in favor of Food Security, a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Activities such as lectures, courses, exhibitions are promoted locally and virtually.



- Courses and workshops on Agroecoforestry Practices.

- Lectures on Food Safety.

- Pedagogical gardens.

- Seedling production.

- Actions in favor of the 2030 Agenda.

- Advice for Agroecological Transition.

- Natural Cuisine - Art, Flavor and Health.

- Exhibitions

- Video Shows 

CCASA aims to rescue the value of nature and healthy, safe and humane food.

The combination of the three forms the open triangle of challenges: The rescue of food culture, 
awareness of nature and the value of ecological agriculture.
The triangle remains open, showing what our capabilities are to achieve our goals   and how predisposed we are to accept new missions that come from other contexts.
We open our eyes to nature, as it presents itself to the planet.
We are visible structurally and virtually for anyone who wants to be part of this triangle.
We have a space for activities for: courses, lectures, meetings, workshops where nature travels with creativity, teaching and inviting to be part of its expressions. 
The research area is another space where we grow food without chemical aggregates, observing day by day how resilient the earth is. From this look, we acquire original knowledge of the place that becomes a story for our human stories.
At CCASA we don't have dreams, we have integrative projects that seek to positively impact society in general. We believe that this is the only way our work will give back to new generations a more sustainable territory.


An invitation to reflect and question our current diet and nutrition.

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